Monday, April 30, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer has arrived!

 I am officially done with this semester and on summer break!

And to start the summer off with a bang I am already in Texas!
How can this be you ask? It was madness. Pure madness. Thursday was crazy. For school I turned in 2 projects, took a test, gave a presentation, turned in another project, and then took another test. When I got home I packed in less than 15 minutes (by throwing a random assortment of clothes into a duffel - now I’m wondering how I’m supposed to put together a presentable outfit) and then Keith and I drove ALL NIGHT.
Basically, Thursday started at 7:30AM and ended Friday at 1PM. 

FUNNY [brief] STORY!
I got pulled over for going 74 in a 70mph zone. I’m such a speed demon. Fortunately all the State Trooper really wanted to do was talk about the free zoo in Tyler, TX so he graciously gave me a warning. 

Regardless, I am excited to be out of state and visiting with friends and family for a bit.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quote # 20

My very own machine of many wonders

I received the most awesome, incredible gift the other day. I have been extravagantly blessed.
I was given a Cricut machine! And two cartridges!
If you are unfamiliar with Cricut, it is a die cut machine. You buy cartridges that plug into the machine and then watch in awe as the machine cuts your paper into perfect things.

My first encounter with Cricut was a couple years ago when I was whipping up wedding decorations. After struggling to cut out paper flowers and feeling like I would have to re-imagine my wedding because cutting out the hundreds of flowers I needed just wasn't doable, my pastor's wife came to the rescue and loaned me her machine. Like everyone who has ever used one, I was blown away by the magic of it all and wanted one. Unfortunately, they are pricey machines and they need a lot of pricey accessories and it just wasn't in our budget. 
Fast forward two years and many machine borrowings later to the day when I was bestowed that Cricut to keep as my very own.
My PW upgraded to the larger (12 in) machine and thought I would enjoy the smaller (6 in) one she would no longer need.
She thought correctly.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The magic of adultness

Since Keith turned 25 and I'm about to roll into my 24th year it has me thinking about aging and being an adult. 
Being an adult is pretty great. While it isn't the total lawless freedom I thought when I was a squeak, there are definitely some premium perks.  Did anyone else think adults had it sooo good and that the only reason they had kids was so they could have slave labor? I had a seriously distorted idea of what adulthood was and what happened when you reached that mysterious age. How stupid I was. Thinking about it, there are a lot of lousy thinks about being responsible but who wants to think about those? Not I, so back to the perk part. Here is a glorious example...

If I want to eat Oreos for breakfast, I do.
And it was delicious.
Magical, I dare say.

Another perk is that if I want to "spoil my appetite" by eating junk right before dinner, I spoil my appetite.
If a hankering for a large omelet of cheesy goodness strikes at 2:36 AM, I go to ihop.
If I want to stay out late on a Tuesday night then I stick it to bedtime and live it up!
Basically, any of those glorious activities that make me think, "If mom saw this she would give me that look."
Yes. I love those little activities. They make being mature and responsible worth it. 

So here's to being an adult! Three cheers for Oreo breakfasts, "school-night" outings, and having the ability to make your own choices because you pay your own bills!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A note to the Birthday Boy

Yesterday we celebrated Husband's 25th year! Whoop! Whoop! Unfortunately, I am the bad wife who forgot the camera and was unable to document the festivities properly.
On to plan B for this post...

So, Keith, knowing that you occasionally read this blog...
When you happen upon this post I hope it reminds you of some things.

I enjoy hanging out with you more than any other person on the planet. 
You are goofy and sweet and strong and smushy.
It is nice to know that I don't have to figure out this life alone because you will always be by my side.
Growing up and becoming 'proper' adults is so much less overwhelming since we're doing it together, yeah?

I've told you this before but I don't think you understand just how much I appreciate that you are the Keeper of the Kitchen. I am such a lucky woman to be married to a man that cooks and does dishes. And does laundry! I just want to kiss you when I come around the corner and see you folding a pile of T-shirts and towels. And remember that time you thought Squeak was lost? The level of concern you showed for that cat was probably the sweetest thing I'd ever seen. You will make a great dad.

I love that you love my family.
I love that you love me.
So Happy Birthday, babe!
I look forward to the next 60+ we will spend together.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

5 fun things p.i | rings

I don't know if it's the gloomy, wet, freezing weather or what but I am seriously missing the metals class I took last fall. I want to make jewelry so badly I can practically smell the pickle.
Maybe someday when a house is part of my life a metal studio will be in the garage... *sigh*
Until then I will just lust after these rings.

~ ~ ~ 1 ~ ~
 I absolutely adore this ring and I am mad jealous of the skills it 
takes to make such a perfectly perfect piece.

 Quercus Silver

~ ~ ~ 2 ~ ~
How fun are these Orbit rings! The enamel is so bright and glorious it's like a feast for thine eyes!
I tried to pick just one ring but couldn't...
PS - I love that they are open and could be adjusted to fit my fatty fingers.


~ ~ ~ 3 ~ ~
Simple, sleek, and stunning.
What's not to love?

~ ~ ~ 4 ~ ~
Doesn't the rough oxidation contrast the icy color of the druzy stone beautifully?

~ ~ ~ 5 ~ ~
This piece is part of the Nucleus series. That alone makes me smile but what I really love 
is the way the purple pops. It practically jumps off the ring!

 NR Jewellery

~ ~ ~ BONUS! ~ ~
This little kitty was far too adorable to be excluded.

Every Bear Jewel

Friday, April 20, 2012

Details (in orange)

Here's to slowing down and taking notice.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reason 1 why everyone should have a sister (or three)

I love my sisters.
And I love the goofiness that happens when we are bumming around at our parentals.
It's one of my favorite things :)

Aside from the fact that I look like a snobby giraffe isn't this picture awesome?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY Printed Pullover - saving you big monies

When I saw this pullover I nearly peed my pants. Then I saw the price tag I did. I'm sorry, but in my book a shirt is just not worth $345.00.  No, sir. But just as lethal mix of anger, despair, and depression began to set in, I snapped to my senses and thought, "Who do they think they are charging that much? I could totally MAKE that. In fact, I WILL. and they will be sorry."
Ok, so that is a bit dramatic - my panties did not get dampened and I wasn't battling depression but I did make my own version of that pullover. The best part! It only cost $4 - I saved $341!

SUPPLIES: sweatshirt with nubby interior, seam ripper, fabric paint, foam (or other material suitable for making a stamp), stamp block, glue

First step was to visit the Will of Good and thrift a plain sweatshirt that had a nubby interior - NOT fleecy. It is very important that the texture of the shirt's interior be correct since it will be flipped inside out.

Step Two was to remove all the tags using a seam ripper.
Step Three - make a stamp that mimics the pattern on the original. I made my stamp using some garbage. I kid you not - the stamp is cut out from a sheet of shipping foam and then hot glued onto an empty plastic package that acts as a stamp block. (Make It Work should be my moto)
Because the color contrast on my sweatshirt wasn't as stark as on the original, I opted to make the pattern stamp a bit BIGGER and BOLDER and also give it a bit more of a tribal flair.
I'm sorry there is not picture of the stamp pre-paint :(
Step Four - bust out the paint! I don't have fabric specific paint but acrylic works great, especially if you mix in the fabric medium.

Step Five - Slide a piece of cardboard into the shirt and then...stamp! Stamp till your heart is full and you can stamp no longer! **** Depending on the paint used, there might be some follow up care, like iron setting the paint, so be sure to read the bottle!

There you have it - my $4 adaptation. Hope you like!

PS - I get quite a few compliments when I wear it. Not to shabby, huh?

Monday, April 16, 2012

symphony of color

taken from Isaiah 35:1-2 (The Message)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

FIVE YEARS! since our first "date"

Five (5!) years ago today my now husband and I had our first date! Which wasn't supposed to be a date at all. It was supposed to be a "group" (in my mind meaning 5+ individuals) of people hanging out. Only it didn't turn out that way at all because there was no "group" hanging anywhere. It was him and I, with his roommates in the other rooms.  Keith then selected Texas Chainsaw Massacre for us to watch which scared me so badly I jumped right into his arms.
Well played, Keith. Well played.

But anyways, the reason I still celebrate this anniversary is because, even though I didn't know it at the time, it was the day my priorities started to shift so as he became numero uno. It was the beginning of re-imagining my life to include him.

I love that. And I love that at the time I was completely oblivious.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had wimped out of going over to his place to hang out with a "group" of people I didn't know.  Yikes.

Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY "Rubber" Stamp

 I had a [clever] little idea that I had to share with you! Here it is: make a stamp using hot glue! It is marvelously customizable and super easy once you get the hang of it. Not to mention that if you use a glass like I did, it is as temporary or permanent as you would like. So without further ado, here is how I made a "rubber" stamp.

I made my stamp on a POM tea glass (is anyone else saddened that POM no longer comes in those?) so that it could be a roller stamp. For a flat block, a piece of wood or even a milk lid would work wonderfully. 

Using the hot glue create your stamp image on the "stamp block". REMEMBER! WRITE BACKWARDS!
It took a couple tries to get the numbers even and without any blobs in the middle but fortunately, the glue can easily be peeled off.

For these I used acrylic paint but it worked just as well with an actual ink pad.

I also had the idea of making stamps using foam shapes but I don't have any. Guess I'll do that another day. I'll also have to try using veggies as stamps like I keep seeing on Pinterest. Those always have such neat results. Anyways, I hope you make some awesome stamps and make some adorable creations!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Busy girl

 I have less than three (3!) weeks left in this semester and am busy out of my mind, so what do I do?

Draw, nap, and watch a three hour chick flick - twice! (Not in the same day, mind you.)
Lost in Austen is THAT good. If you don't have Netflixs that made-for-tv-movie is reason enough to get it.

I've also been scribbling down loads of ideas for projects because, without fail, when I am too busy to make anything is when I get my most creative ideas. Is this just me?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

retro rocket

Just as a little special something, my mom got me a bottle of turquoise nail polish.
Of course, when I saw that it was supposed to be color changing mood polish I hastily painted one of my thumbs. Unfortunately, it is not color changing but it IS matte (yes, please!). Then since one of my thumbs was teal and my other fingers red, I got to admiring my retro color combination. I actually used to dislike this combo but it has grown on me over the last few years and now I'm actually flashing it on my fingertips.
I tried the tape method for the two toning but I need to practice more. Ack!

 Do my nails not wink at this amazing vintage popsicle sign?

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Friends, I am now an instagram user! I'm so excited that it's now available for Android. Eeep!
I've been having so much fun just dinking around taking pictures of silly stuff in the moments between homework.  I would love to add your snaps to my feed so be sure to leave your user name in a comment. Mine is ShaktiDove, btw.

Oh! and I also have a Followgram account.

Oh! Oh! Happy Easter! Remind Jesus that you're glad he did what he did.

Friday, April 6, 2012


This picture reminds me that time moves on. Rapidly. 
And the fears I had about growing up weren't completely unreasonable but also aren't so justified.

It reminds me that life is cyclical;
 and I think of how someday I will have children that feel the same way I did.