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DIY tribal t-shirt with snazzy plaid squares

I suck a coming up with clever, catchy titles. My apologies. Thank you for bearing with me.

Today I'm going to show you how I made Melanie's tribal t-shirt. Let's jump right in shall we?
WHAT YOU WILL NEED: t-shirt, cardboard, fabric paint (or do as I do, acrylic and fabric medium), paint brush, stuff to make a stencil (paper, pencil, exacto knife), tiny bit of fabric, interfacing, sewing utensils or a machine

It might seem a bit overwhelming because you need paint and fabric and interfacing and pins and crafty supplies are flying everywhere but fear not. Yes, it's "mixed media" but I promise, it is a cinch.

1) On a piece of paper sketch out your pattern. Because I choose a symmetrical tribal design I folded the paper in half and then in half again to make sure the cuts were identical.
2) Pin the pattern in place and slide cardboard inside the shirt.
3) Using the cocktail of acrylic paint and fabric medium (or just plain awesome fabric paint) start painting! Depending on the color of the shirt it might take several coats of paint. I even chose to lay an off-white 'primer' layer.

4) Iron a bit of light weight interfacing on the back of the fabric scraps and cut the fabric to fit comfortably in the open diamond.
5) Pin and stitch the fabric in place. I left the edges raw to give the shirt added texture as it ages.
*** Once the fabric is in place step back and assess! 
You might want to add a few colored circles just for kicks like I did  :)
REMEMBER: heat set the paint!

Doesn't she wear it quite well? It makes my heart happy. Over on her blog she is sharing how she whipped together the dress she made for me. Check it.

 - - -
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

New color

Shed the old. Apply something fresh.
Aside from an assortment of magnetic clips, that are usually in use elsewhere, the fridge is relatively barren of magnets. What a perfect reason to use some of my new washi tape :)

Has my husband noticed that there is a stick taped to the fridge? No, he has not. But when he does I think he will understand.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

perfect pouch

Sometimes less is more, right? Less sugar in the diet. Less hair between my eyebrows. Less weight to lug around while thrifting. Less weight. That right there is my problem. My purse is too big and heavy and full of necessary junk that I don't like carrying it around all day when I go on little excursions.
My solution to this problem was to whip together a little leather pouch that is just big enough for phone, keys, and cash! To keep things extra easy the closure is just a simple flap folder that's been jazzed up by a bit of color. The buttons are purely decorative.

I've never drawn on leather before so this is a new experiment for me. I used acrylic paint and micron markers and then sprayed it with Krylon matte sealant. I'll let you know if this is actually effective at keeping the pattern in place since leather wasn't on the list of materials for suggested use.

Just for the record, I don't actually have a unibrow.

Special thanks to: Aunt Mo for the leather, Grandma for the square D rings (for lack of better term), and my momma for the chain. Without you lovely ladies this purse would not be possible.

UPDATE - The krylon sealant has been wonderful so far. All the color is still in place!

Friday, May 25, 2012

The UNglamorous side of life: Car Repairs p.1

You know how the other day I mentioned the exciting car parts I got as birthday presents? Well, I wasn't kidding. My beautiful, functional, comfy, COMPLETELY PAID FOR (thank you dad) Jeep is getting a bit aged. And while she hasn't taken any massive, money sucking death dumps on me (you know, aside from expected brakes and tires (again, thank you dad)) there has been a growing list of quirky and problematic items that needed repaired and/or replaced. For example:

Ladies, if you do this yourself (meaning: your husband does it hehehe) this is an easy, CHEAP fix. My terminals were on the brink of leaving me stranded in the thrift store parking lot. Which actually might not have been all that bad ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My marvelous t-shirt dress made by Melanie

Dress - Melanie
Belt - snatched from my mom
Shoes - thrifted

Remember how I said Melanie from My Billie is my partner for the month? Yes, siree she is. I'm glad you remembered. So when I was trying to come up with an activity to do as part of our partnership I sent her an email that basically said, "Hey pretty girl! I like making t-shirts. You like making t-shirts. Let's make each other a t-shirt!!"

Well, Melanie is such an over-achiever. She mailed me a dress. A DRESS! Way to make me feel bad! (Except those feelings were quickly replaced as I was distracted by how cute said dress looked on my body.) I suppose there should have been suspicion when she sent a text asking for my waist measurements but some tees are massive and need to be taken in, right?

Anyways, I think she did a perfect job of making a garment that fits well especially since the only information she had to work with was: I'm tall, roughly a medium, and the number associated with my waist circumference. Did I mention the dress is really comfortable? Soft and stretch on top, loose and flowy on the bottom, and just long enough that there isn't any real threat my bum will be exposed should a breeze come.

If you would like to see the non-dress I made her, head over to her blog.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Charley Harper and his Awesome Art

I have recently discovered Charley Harper's art works and am quite smitten. The super simplistic, colorful illustrations are startlingly detailed in a minimalist sorta way, if that makes any sense. From what I've seen, the majority of his pieces are of creatures. Some of his prints would look quite nifty in our kitchen, if I do say so myself...

you can acquire prints at
or, if you badly want this Gregarious Grosbeaks print like I do,

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What I Wore: Red Shmed

It is the season for difficult dressing. Hot in the sun and chilly in the shade. What is a girl to do?

Pullover - I made it! DIY here
Shorts - thrifted
Sandals - Nomi
Bracelets - thrifted

P to the S - Bhrett, is your kitchen ready for some green Pyrex? Because it's coming your way as soon as you email your address to me. Congrats! :D

Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday 24

Yesterday evening we celebrated my 24 birthday (since I very graciously relinquished Sunday to my mom in honor of Mother's Day) with a sweet little picnic at the park. I took my camera but the light wasn't ideal and really, who wants to be fussing over good camera angles at their party? Not I. So I laid it aside and enjoyed myself.
I love laughing with my family.
And unwrapping car parts.
Isn't it funny how our source of excitement changes as we age?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gnomes and Mocs

Check out these garden gnomes. Made from sticks that I whittled down myself. Just slap on some paint and draw on little eyes and Wha-la! Gnomes!

This one is the best because of his nose, of course.
I think they will find a home in my mom's landscaping. Since they're kinda small I wonder how long it will take her to find them...

I'm going to go all foot model on you now and show off my latest obsession.
Behold my newest pair of Minnetonkas (that were BRAND new and thrifted - happy birthday blessing to me)!  They are soft-soled mocs (meaning no rubber sole) which is kinda strange and a new experience but love them still I do.

And now for the finale...
Don't we look like the most stupidly in-love couple there ever was in this picture? I think it's pretty great.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

glitter and gold

My sister unearthed these the other day and it dawned on me that they have never been featured - even though they were the last thing I did in my Metals class. In case you were wondering, these little sweets are not actually made out of gold. I simply cannot afford gold. Nor am I experienced enough to work with it comfortably. Good thing brass is a gold color so the title it isn't a total lie. But let's be real here, glitter and brass just doesn't have that catchy snag to it so I certainly couldn't use that as the title ;)

But anyways, these were made because I had a box full of metal scraps that needed to be used and my soldering-small-bits skills needed further honing. I'm happy with the way they turned out. They are FAR from perfect but I like their look and I will be wearing them until I can stand a green finger no longer. 

Isn't that ant the greatest!?

The 'phant flies

Are you mesmerized? 

Monday, May 14, 2012

I have discovered Pixlr...

and I repent of my infatuation with Instagram.
Pixlr has so so many options that you can layer that it makes [android] Instagram look like a primitive piece-o-crap. I enjoy it so much. AND what is really spectacular is that I can share Pixlr photos into my Instagram account. Meaning: one less profile to manage. Can I get an amen?

So as you can see I've been very busy applying those magical light leaks to pictures :)

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My sweet red stool

Confession: this vintage cutie has been in my kitchen for months, hidden under a pile of gross canned food until I could make a proper (adorable) cushion for it.

Keith and I found this in the back of a junk store and while my Mr. wasn't sold right away I certainly was. Why? First - because it is red and vintage and a perfect addition to the kitchen and second - because it is much like a blue stool my Grandma has in her kitchen. (Ahem. I would like to point out the sentimental feeling going on here because I rarely have any.)

Let's pause for a moment to swoon over the little pull out steps. Now let's discuss the terrible shape the original vinyl seat is in. Do you see why I made that cushion!? Yikes. 
Anyone have experience recovering this sort of thing? Tips and helpful hints would be soo much appreciated. Until then I'll keep that cushion tied on. Which, if you were wondering, I made out of a thrifted vintage shirt that I tried to alter by didn't get quite right. The fabric is so pretty and colorful that I pondered long and hard about how to reuse. I'm glad it's in the kitchen where I'll see it all the time. 

Does this ^ picture make your heart as happy as it makes mine?

PS - All you vintage lovers! Don't forget to put your name in for the Spring Blossom Pyrex giveaway!