Friday, May 31, 2013

Stool of the Pink Persuasion

If you've been reading about my little happenings for awhile you might remember this sweet red stool.

I now have another one.
Not because I needed it, but because I wanted it. It was so, so cheap and hello, it's pink and full of retro wonder!
As you can see, it's almost identical to the red stool, lacking only the back (and the shiny legs).

My mom and I were at a Goodwill Outlet (if you've never been to one, well, there is NO organization and price is by the pound. It's a bit insane. Google it.) and she spotted the piece, snatched it out of the bin, and came rolling over to me with it perched across the top of the cart.
You'd have to ask my mom but I probably had a look of delight mixed with horror.

You see chick-a-dees, you know that I've done A LOT of thifting in my short time on this earth. Dirty items are just part of the territory.
Hands wash.
Dawn and soft scrub can conquer just about anything.
Hot water works wonders.
However, this piece. It was a bit rough. Even for me. Rusty rust, paint, and covered in spider egg sacs. (I did not take a close up of this because I would not want you to ruin your keyboard with vomit.)
But, like I said, you buy stuff by the pound at Goodwill Outlets and at $.59/lb the stool was looking really, really affordable even in its "rustic" condition.

I put the stool in my vehicle in its grimy state but there was no way it was coming into my home like that. Fortunately, Keith's dad was home and let us come over and use his hose.

This was my first time using Goof Off. Ah-mazing! Keith's dad produced it from the bowels of his garage and it was  just what we needed to get the paint smears off.

Is it perfect? No, no it's not, but it's improved enough that it is allowed inside.
Now I just have to figure out where to put a second stool I never intended to buy.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How it feels to win the BERNINA WeAllSew Fabric Design Contest

Something awesome has happened. Like really, really awesome.
Do a jig awesome. Squeal awesome. Skitter around awesome.
Then sit and blink for awhile because it's also a bit stunning awesome.

You see, I entered a handful of designs into the Bernina WeAllSew fabric design contest.
There were LOADS of great submissions.

However, I am ever so honored to say that the judges picked my pattern for Grand Prize!
What is the Grand Prize? Well, I get a sewing machine that is quite possibly more technically advanced than my vehicle: the uber snazzy Bernina 710 machine. Plus a few other goodies! Do you know what that means? I can finally return my borrowed Bernina to my sister. Frankly, I never thought I'd be alive the day that happened (over my dead body you can have it back!) but with new things on the way, I will happily relinquish the beloved 801.

Above is the Grand Prize winner
Below is the 2nd Runner Up winner!
Another pattern I submitted was picked! Eeep!

In case you can't tell, I am THRILLED and feel extremely blessed and honored.

It was actually the day we were celebrating my birthday that I found out, making it quite possibly the best bday present ever!

* Ahem. *
I feel a shout out to my awesome Aunt is due. I probably wouldn't have known about the contest and certainly wouldn't have entered if not for her prompting. Obviously, I owe her a giant thank you. THANK YOU for thinking I could do this.

Hand lettering

A bit of hand-lettering I completed for a client.
Do you mind my sharing?
Because I seriously LOVE this sort of doing. Chick-a-dees, this is something I could do ALL day. Hunching over a table with a ruler and eraser, pencil smudges all over my hands.

Who am I kidding? I can't do this alone...
There would also be a large, flavored coffee on that table :D

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Testing out this succulent craze

There seem to be quite a few succulent displays on Pinterest. They are oh-so pretty.
There also seems to be a snippet of info going around that they are low maintenance, kill-proof sort of plants.

Let's put this to the test shall we?  I am a planter killer if ever there was one, so if these can survive my black thumb than, truly, anyone can keep them.

Here is a visual walk though of my planting process - flawed as it may be.
Feast your eyes Pyrex / Fireking lovers!

This takes concentration.
And the help of a pup.

Fingers crossed that they live!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Early summer. Cool nights and fresh, warm [makeup free!] days.
So looking forward to the roadside stands with squashes and sweet corn.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pretties for home

A few pretty pieces of furniture for your viewing pleasure...

1. Swing chair for Paola Lenti
2.  Lepel chair by Luca Nichetto for Casamania
3. Stuart Melrose
4. So want to paint this one a cheery color.  The Parrish Collection by Emeco.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I am older

On Monday I officially added another year to the tally.

The older I get the less hoopla there is with each birthday. (I think this is standard and I'm totally ok with that) This year was kinda different though. For the ease of everyone's schedules, Keith and I decided to combine our birthdays and have one small party w the fam on May 5. Him celebrating late while I celebrated early.
Sounds good, right?
Just get the obligatory cake out of the way.
However, what's funny is that by doing it like this it has actually stretched our birthdays out.

For the past several weeks people have randomly handed me gifts.
And I like it.
I like it a lot.

Because a good portion of those gifts have been PYREX! Note all the stars!

The people in my life are so good too me!

The bottom, blue and white round casserole dish is actually a Glasbake piece that I gifted to myself. I love that Pyrex makes solid color pieces but Fire King and Glasbake sure have some awesome patterns.
Speaking of patterns, UNawesome is Old Orchard and Forest Fancies by Pyrex. Yuck! I really hate those two. There is nothing as disappointing as looking at a stack of dishes at the thrift store, seeing the cinderella bowl shape, pulling the bowl from the heap and realizing it is the nasty, speckled mushrooms. Rage.
Glasbake did mushes much better, in my humble opinion....

Cute and adorable mushroom print by Glasbake
from Sentimental Favorites
As I was accumulating all these wonderful gifts, arranging and re-arranging them, it came to my attention that I might have out-grown my cabinet. And that I might have to re-imagine a couple spaces around to apartment so as to nonchalantly include a bowl or two in the living room. This thought lead me think that I might do have the most awesome husband in the world.
I wrote him a note.
He got a kick out of it.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The other day Keith and I were up in Fort Wayne.
Among other things, we popped onto the IPFW campus to take a gander. Unfortunately, since the semester is over, most of the student art had been taken down and sent home but this master piece was still up. TOTALLY blew my mind! It's a reinterpretation of Albrecht Durer's iconic rhinocervs (if I might borrow directly from the official brief) that also happens to be a collaboration between, oh, a dozen different artists. I find it absolutely stunning in its diversity and cohesion.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

T-shirt sneek peaks

Hey chick-a-dees! In my last post I mentioned that there was some t-shirt designing going on in these parts. Would you like to take a peek?

To give you a little background, these are for a not-for-profit, cross denomination, Christian event that is basically a retreat weekend for high school students. Several years ago I had the privilege of attending the weekend so I was thrilled when they asked us to do the designing.

The shirts have already been through one round of approval so there won't be any editing unless they ask for it BUT do you have any feedback? Ya know, for next time? We need the opinion of your fresh eyes! Our eyes have seen these so many times.

** Personally, my favorite is the chalkboard one. I loved doing the hand lettering!

Friday, May 10, 2013

white tail

A beautiful, antique Christmas decoration has come to join my collection! My grandma passed this mercury glass deer to me and I am beyond thrilled to have it! So dainty and sweet.
It was pretty much the last thing I expected to find inside when my mom handed me the box.
It smells like grandma's house. The packaging, I mean.  :)

After doing a bit of research, I've learned that it's Germany made and from 1920's - 1930's. My mom was thinking that a bit of family history that pertained to the deer came in the mailing package, but she didn't have it on her when she gave me this little pretty.

Currently, it is carefully tucked away but I am already itching for December to roll around so I can pull it out and set it with this snazzy German ornament.