Thursday, April 30, 2015

All the Plants | New Acquisitions

As I said on Instagram, I am becoming a plant person. Maybe even a plant hoarder. What that means is that one of my new favorite places to wander is the garden center. Especially if said garden center has a cactus and succulent section.

I'm still kinda winging it in the Care and Keeping department, but so far, so good! Even after Toastie attacked that purple pretty.

And now the combo planter. It was a bit gnarly, but for 5 plants in one I was quite happy to do the splitting. The plants desperately needed to be split because of different watering needs. At one time there was a sixth plant. Only a rotted root and twiggy stem remained. Anyways, I thrifted and eclectic assortment of containers, squirted them with spray paint, and busted out the potting soil. I'm quite pleased with the end result!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Blanket from Sari Bari

Every now and then I find a loveable company and then spend waaaay too much time on their website daydreaming about future purchases. Currently, that's how I am with Sari Bari.

A friend gave me this awesome scarf for Christmas. It's super soft, matches a ton of things, and I love it so much I wear it about once a week. To give that statement some heft, I own more scarves than shirts. I wear them almost daily (talking about scarves here, not shirts, you weirdo). So, the fact that this one in particular makes it into such frequent rotation means something.

Not long after getting the scarf, I found Sari Bari online. They have the sweetest website and, chickadees, they make blankets
A throw is what I consider a splurge so I debated long and hard about which one to get. I even waited for a fresh release of stock so that I could get one in aqua. It was totally worth the wait. It is so soft, has wonderful, cozy drape, and is remarkably pretty.
Things get even bet though, not only are the products super soft, cozy, and colorful but they also are a force of good. Sari Bari's whole purpose is to give women, who would otherwise be in the sex trade, another option of employment. You should definitely check out their shop and read more about their mission.

P.S. They are having a QUILT AUCTION soon!