Monday, December 26, 2016

Wrapping It Up, Saying Goodbye (for now)

Hey chick-a-dees. It's been awhile, yeah?
There have been quite a few changes in my life that have contributed to not maintaining this blog like I once did, but what it comes down to is that this slice of internet quit feeling like "home". I deeply enjoyed blogging and feel like a lucky woman because I can say that I have friends across the country because of this space. I spent a long time contemplating a redesign, a new name, a new whatever, but decided that the best thing to do would be to step away until I could come back with gusto and vision. I'm not sure if that means I will come back to this space or create a new one. The future is full of possibilities!

Now a crazy quick summary for life:
Many moons ago I shared progress shots of our kitchen and downstairs bathroom renovation. Hot mess. Keith and I took a week off for a Renovation Stay-cation and smashed through the kitchen work. Leveled the floor, installed hardwood, painted the cabinets, REpainted the cabinets (bad color choice. oops), updated wiring, built a wall, installed counters and backsplash.... you get the gist.
We tore down to the studs and built up. And we got it done. In a week. (Let's not talk about how it took us another year to get trim and new light fixtures hung.)
It was a lot of work and was super rewarding.

We worked, worked, worked, and then Sunday morning I took a pregnancy test. POSITIVE! No wonder I was so tired. New kitchen and new life. :)

The bathroom got done at a much slower pace. This is a second bathroom and I had first trimester exhaustion so we cut ourselves some slack. The only requirement was that it was complete before bebe arrived.

I had a fantastic, easy pregnancy wrought with all sorts of anxiety and am now doing the working mom thing. My daughter is clever and silly and the best thing I've ever made. Our house still needs work. And Toaster pup still needs her neck scratched.
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