1) rebuild my savings account

2) make a "proper" quilt. meaning, not crazy

3) visit Maine and eat freshy fresh seafood 

4) ride in a hot air balloon

5) visit the Hamilton wood type museum

6) make a budget (and stick to it)

7) learn how to handle a gun/shoot

8) own a gun

9) memorize a Psalm

10) make a piece of fiber art  - check out this Jellyfish! (1/13)

11) learn to use both joysticks while gaming

12) pay off student loans

13) make sourdough bread

14) go scuba diving

15) fill a sketcbook     

16) become proficient at driving a stick

17) make a dress

18) go off-roading

19) learn to work with leather

20) visit the art institute

21) visit my grandparents

22) do the Daniel fast for a week

23) go skiing

24) go on a missions trip

25) learn to change a tire

26) have a picnic (dopey basket and all) - Completed for my 24th bday!

27) own a house with a weeping willow in the yard

28) sleep under the stars

29) learn enameling

30) wear colored tights in public

31) climb a mountain

32) get a tiny tattoo

33) visit the ocean

34) write 12 notes of appreciation

35) clean out my closet

36) make and complete an art journal

37) foster a child

38) wear neon

39) visit all 50 states as a couple

40) learn a line dance

41) give Pilates a go

42) go to Mexico         

43) run three miles without barfing at the end

44) get a pedicure

45) harvest honey from a hive

46) bike across the state

47) only drink H2O for a week

48) appear in a film

49) learn to throw clay       

50) donate a sizable amount of money

51) plant a tree

52) fast for three days

53) go RVing

54) hit 500 etsy sales - cha-ching! (11/13)

55) donate my hair

56) read a Stephen King book

57) drive the 101

58) turn off my phone for a week

59) see a play on broadway

60) adopt

61) illustrate a childrens book

62) make a massive amount of cookies to give away - organized a Cookie Baking Bash (5/11/12)

63) complete a book of crossword puzzles

64) host a crazy themed party

65) try 25 new recipes

66) figure out my blood type

67) go berry picking

68) fly in a helicopter

69) donate blood

70) visit redwood

71) grow herbs and cook with them
72) learn ballroom dancing

73) start a motorcycle fund for hubby

74) shear a sheepie

75) dance like a fool in front of people

76) read/listen to the entire bible

77) go fishing

78) get my nape pierced

79) see the northern lights

80) get a pomeranian

81) take my hubby to Cedar Point - (7/12)

82) buy a stranger a meal/coffee

83) build a lego castle

84) buy food from a farmers market

85) visit Europe

86) feel the absence of gravity 

87) read 5 life changing books
      - How to Win friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie 
                UPDATE! I gave a speech about this book for a class. Crazy, right?

88) paint a portrait 

89) grow tasty mushrooms

90) hike in the grand canyon

91) design and sell some clothing

92) visit South America           

93) get to know my mother-in-law better

94) make a stained glass peice

95) eat a bug

96) meet a blogger friend in real life

97) go on an overnight canoe trip

98) write out a book of the bible

99) visit/participate in an archeological dig 

100) learn a second language

101) save $5 for every goal accomplished      


102) have a head full of beautiful gray and silver hair