Hello, I'm Shakti Dove - which is indeed my real name

A Quick summary:
I am a graphic designer married to a graphic designer. We own a semi-fixer-upper in the Midwest, and have a beautiful, clever little girl and a pup-child.
So what does all that even mean?
To break all that down a bit:

- Two graphic designers being married probably sounds nuts to a lot of people but it works for us. We have different styles and enjoy working on different projects. It more than works, actually. It is AWESOME. I have someone who understands and likes to talk about the structure of typefaces and the wonders of shapebuilder. Not to mention that I can always pass a project off ;)
Currently, I am the in-house designer for the library system in my county, I sell customized invitations on Limn Illustrate, and occasionally do a freelance project on the side.

-  The pup-child named Toaster.

- I live in Indiana. Indiana is not a "glamorous" state. I get it and I love it anyways. The lack of mountains and ocean (and cable tv) meant that growing up I had a lot of time to get crafty. Learning to entertain myself while using my own head and hands has proved to be a valuable asset to homeownership. Plus, I can put together some pretty cool DIYs and make other neat things with fabric and paper.

Anyways, I'm glad you're here. Does it seem like we have a lot in common? I would love to get to know YOU. I'm always good for a little blog collaboration or a meet-up, if you are in the area, so send me an email:


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